Sunday, June 24, 2018

Art Update - June 2018

10 Art Tag Sale - 20% off

     My studio is getting very crowded. Wall space and shelving nearly filled.

     Three years ago, I opened Orise Studio-Gallery to the public by appointment or by chance. I busily painted with a goal of improving my craft. Isn't that every artist's goal? Whether you write, paint, sculpt, compose, sing or fish, besting yourself is part of the process.

     Since my studio now has limited space, I offer you this opportunity to purchase one or more of these works at  20% discount plus shipping. Great gift giving for yourself or a special person.

     With each purchase, I will include a written history: why I painted it and whatever I feel would be interesting to know about the painting.






 Click on any image for description and titles.
Contact me: for further information.
  • Paypal, Square and Major Credit cards accepted.
  • Deposit with agreed to time payments with lay-away accepted.

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